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Our Head Office location:

Scoresby, VIC

Suite 010/44 Lakeview Dr, Scoresby VIC 3179



Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to build one of Stone Horizon's properties?

It takes six to eight months from the construction team's first day on-site to the first tenant in the house.

Do I need to be in Victoria to start my Stone Horizon property development project?

Our investors are everywhere around Australia and Overseas. They benefit from Stone Horizon's seamless end-to-end process, which means they only need to be in Victoria if they want to. Some of our investors still need to meet us in person. Meanwhile, they already receive their rent/return and reach their cash flow freedom.

Can these properties be built anywhere in Australia?

Stone Horizon properties are everywhere around Victoria. Our property investors benefit from Victoria legislation that allows us to build 9 rentable spaces houses, which is uncommon in other estates of Australia.